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AquaFox DuKi Soutajansolmu


Willy i TollarData

Soutajansolmu bor i Tjeckien, med familjen Urbášková.

 Willy med sin ägare Veronika, kennel Evil Angel


Hello, it´s long time since I wrote you last time. I have a couple of news for you:
Willy is still that happy, activ puppy. She keeps all of us bussy :0))). 
She has learned few new tricks - she likes to use them to fascinate other people ;0).

We arrived home from our trip to Slovenia yesterday. Willy swam there for the first time. 
She has always liked water but untill this weekend she wasn´t courageous enough to swim. 

And the last new - Willy is in heat from today. She is our big girl now :0))).

Best, Veronika

Laddat upp en liten videosnutt där Willy var 9,5 veckor:

Evereything is perfect here. Here is load of snow in these days and Willy enjoys it fully. 

Here is a video from our club's x-mas weekend:

This is another short video:

I don't have any photos, yet. It's impossible to take photos with this little red devil :0).
But my friends have quite many so I try to put them together.

Best to you and your whole pack :0)

The travel home was exhausting and we had complications at the ferry in Sweden. Right before the check in our car decided not to start. We missed our ferry at 22.30 and waited for some mechanic who should have come. But ten minutes after departure of the ferry the car started. It was some problem with our automatic gear unit. So we had to wait to the morning to take the ferry at 7.45. ... 
But we got home save and sound :0).

Our little girl was absolutely great. She slept in the car during our night at the port so she had plenty of energy to be active at the ferry :0). She acted like if everybody there was her good old friend. When we were at the desk she chased a some wrap which was moving because of the wind. It was a show for everybody there so she has now her own fanclub :0). One women even took a photo with her ;0).

When we arrived to Prague I hoped she would be tired after that long journey. But, as you probably anticipate, she wasn't. We went with her for a 30 minutes walk, she went with us for a pizza, too (where she made some new friends, of course :0) ) and than she played with toys for another half an hour...

Eventually, we decided to call her Willy - after that famous movie killer whale. As we played she was catching all the toys 
(hands, hair... :0))) ) as a true killer whale and she is also as clever and skilled :0).

All my dogfriends are very very keen to meet her so she will have a big party in the weekend.

Best to you and all your dogs,

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